(a)   Setback Requirements. Every permitted use of land and all buildings and structures shall be located on a lot in a manner that maintains the required setback from a right-of-way as well as the required side and rear setbacks set forth in Schedule 1157.05, measured from the appropriate lot line, except as otherwise regulated in Chapter 1177, Conditional Use Regulations, for conditional uses.  The area within the setbacks shall remain unobstructed by structures except as otherwise permitted in this Code.
(Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)
   (b)   Schedule 1157.05.  Minimum Building Setbacks.
Schedule 1157.05
Minimum Building Setbacks
Retail Business
(1)   Minimum Front Setback from the public street right-of-way line abutting the property owner’s property
40 feet
(2)   Minimum Setback from Side Lot line abutting nonresidential dist.
3 feet (a)
(3)   Minimum Setback from Rear Lot line abutting nonresidential dist.
3 feet
(4)   Minimum Setback from Side & Rear Lot line abutting residential dist.
10 feet
Notes to Schedule 1157.05:
(a)Except when buildings share a common wall, then there shall be no setback required.
(Ord.  2015-15.  Passed 5-13-15.)