1157.01  INTENT.
   The Retail Business District (U-2) and its regulations are established in order to achieve, among others, the following purposes:
   (a)   Provide appropriate areas for local business activities and local shopping facilities providing goods and services which bear a proximate relationship to the requirements of the community as a whole, and which are compatible with the residential character of the community and with each other;
   (b)   Protect adjacent residential and business developments and the general public by restricting the types of uses, particularly at the common boundaries, which would create hazard, noise, glare, odors or other objectionable influences;
   (c)   Protect both residential and business developments by requiring off-street parking and loading facilities; and
   (d)   Promote the most desirable land uses within a U-2 Retail Business District so as to protect and promote the development of the community primarily for single-family residence purposes.
      (Ord. 2013-05.  Passed 6-12-13.)