All uses shall comply with the following performance standards:
   (a)   Trash Receptacles.  All solid waste products, including empty packing boxes, that result from any permitted principal, conditional, or accessory use shall either be disposed of, stored in buildings, or completely enclosed in containers.  Such building, container, or dumpster shall be located in a side or rear yard and shall comply with the minimum parking setbacks set forth in Schedule 1155.11 and shall be screened in accordance with the provisions set forth in Chapter 1175, Landscaping and Screening Regulations.
   (b)   Lighting.  The placement, orientation, distribution patterns and fixture types of outdoor lighting shall comply with the regulations set forth in Chapter 1171, General Use Regulations.
   (c)   Enclosure.  All uses and operations, except off-street parking and loading facilities, shall be performed wholly within enclosed buildings, unless specifically permitted otherwise.
   (d)   Outdoor Vending Machines.  There shall be no outdoor vending machines, such as machines that dispense bottled beverages or packaged food.
   (e)   Additional Regulations for Vehicles. 
      (1)   The repainting, rebuilding, overhauling or dismantling of a vehicle or the storage of tires, motor, body or other parts in an open yard is prohibited.
      (2)   The parking or storing of vehicles shall not be permitted in established lawn areas. 
(Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)