(a)   Setback Requirements.  Every permitted use of land and all buildings and structures shall be located on a lot in a manner that maintains the required setbacks as set forth in Schedule 1155.07, except as otherwise regulated for single-family detached dwelling as provided for in this Chapter.  The area within any setbacks shall remain unobstructed by structures except as otherwise permitted in this Code.
   (b)   Building Spacing. The minimum distance separating buildings shall be not less than the distance set forth in Schedule 1155.07.  (Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)
   (c)   Schedule 1155.07  Minimum Principal Building Setbacks and Spacing.
Schedule 1155.07
Minimum Principal Building Setbacks and Spacing
Townhouse District
(1)   Minimum Front Setback from the edge of the public street right-of-way line abutting the property owner’s property
   40 feet
Width of the setback building line shown on the Zoning Map, whichever is greater   
(2)   Minimum Building Setback from:
A.   Project boundary lines abutting the U-1 District
40 feet
B.   Project boundary line abutting all other districts
25 feet
(3)   Minimum Building Separation(a)
A.   Main wall to main wall
40 feet
B.   Main wall to end wall
25 feet
C.   End wall to end wall
20 feet
(a) The Planning Commission may permit a reduction in these spacing requirements when it determines that adequate privacy is provided through the use of landscaping, architectural features, or other similar means of insuring privacy.
(Ord.  2015-15.  Passed 5-13-15.)
   (e)   Definitions.  The following definitions shall apply to terms used in this Section:
      (1)   Main Wall. The outside wall of a building that contains the primary windows of any living, family or dining room.
      (2)   End Wall.  The outside walls other than a main wall of a building, which may be blank or contain windows not considered to be primary windows.
   (f)   Projections into Required Setbacks.  Projections into required setbacks shall comply with the regulations in Section 1151.11.
   (g)   Floor Area.  The gross floor area of each dwelling unit shall be 1,500 square feet.
(Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)