The Planning Commission shall regulate the imposition of easements, with the exception of easements for overhead power transmission lines or gas lines or easements obtainable by condemnation proceedings, on property in the Village as follows:
   (a)   No owner and/or agent of the owner of land within the Village shall convey or be the grantee of easements on lands within the Village without the approval of the Commission.  The Commission shall inquire into and be satisfied that such easement will not substantially change the use of land except as permitted by these Regulations and the Village of Moreland Hills's Planning and Zoning Code.  The Commission shall further require proof that hazards to the public safety will not be increased, particularly, but without prejudice to the generality hereof, pedestrian and vehicular traffic in adjoining roadways and streets.  To attain the objectives of these regulations and the Village of Moreland Hills' Planning and Zoning Code, the Commission may request the imposition of conditions in approving easements.
   (b)   If the Commission determines that full consideration of the application for an easement will be facilitated by notices to adjoining abutting owners to both the dominant and subservient estates affected by the easement, then it shall require notice in such form as it determines to such adjoining abutting owners, to be served by the Building Inspector.
      (Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)