(a)   The final plat shall be made by a registered professional surveyor who shall affix his or her signature and seal to the usual certificate stating the scale of the plat, the correctness of the survey and calculations and that permanent monuments will be set at points so indicated.
   (b)   The final plat shall be made on a permanent mylar tracing. An electronic version shall be supplied to the Village Engineer. A duplicate document shall be furnished to the Building Inspector.
   (c)   The title of the final plat shall show:
        (1)   The name of the subdivision;
      (2)   The name(s) of the owner(s) and/or agent of the owner(s);
      (3)   That the subdivision is located in the Village;
      (4)   The date signed by the surveyor;
      (5)   The proper dedication clauses to be signed by the owner and notarized;
      (6)   The proper utility clauses.
      (7)   The proper easement clauses.
      (8)   Mortgage release clause.
      (9)   A dedication clause to be signed by the owner containing reference to these Regulations;
      (10)   An acceptance of dedication of streets to be signed by the Village Clerk after Council has accepted the dedication of streets as Village highways and/or streets, as provided for in Section 1111.31.
      (11)   Acceptance clauses to be signed by the Village Engineer, Chairman of the Planning Commission and the Village Clerk.
   (d)   The final plat shall:
        (1)   Be complete and consistent in itself as to all measurements; and
      (2)   Show all survey data, both as to monuments and courses, used to define the outlines of the land subdivided.
         (Ord. 2012-21. Passed 7-11-12.)