(a)   If the Village of Moreland Hills or its duly authorized representative determines that a violation of the rules adopted under this code exist, the Village of Moreland Hills or representative may issue an immediate stop work order if the violator failed to obtain any federal, state, or local permit necessary for sediment and erosion control, earth movement, clearing, or cut and fill activity
   (b)   All development areas may be subject to external inspections by the Village to ensure compliance with the approved SWP3 or Abbreviated SWP3.
   (c)   After each external inspection, the Village shall prepare and distribute a status report to the owner.
   (d)   If an external inspection determines that operations are being conducted in violation of the approved SWP3 or Abbreviated SWP3 Village of Moreland Hills may act as detailed in Section 971.14 of this regulation. (Ord. 2022-73. Passed 12-14-22.)