(a)   Compliance with the provisions of this regulation shall not relieve any person from responsibility for damage to any person otherwise imposed by law. The provisions of this regulation are promulgated to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the public and are not designed for the benefit of any individual or for the benefit of any particular parcel of property.
   (b)   By approving an SWP3 under this regulation, the Village does not accept responsibility for the design, installation, and operation and maintenance of stormwater management practices.
   (c)   Performance Liability. No provision of this Chapter shall limit, increase or otherwise affect the liabilities of the owner nor impose any liability upon the Village not otherwise imposed by law.
   (d)   No release from Other Requirements. No condition of this permit shall release the owner from any responsibility or requirements under other Federal, State, or local environmental Chapters. If requirements vary, the most restrictive requirements shall prevail.
   (e)   Proceeding with Activity. Soil-disturbing activities regulated under this Chapter shall not begin until all necessary Village, State and Federal permits and appropriate approvals of the SWP3 have been granted to the site owner.
   (f)   Performance Responsibility. The owner is responsible for carrying out all provisions of the approved SWP3 and for meeting all the standards and requirements of this Chapter. (Ord. 2022-73. Passed 12-14-22.)