The Council may from time to time enact or amend such zoning ordinances and regulations to provide for uses of land for other than single-family residences as it may deem necessary. Before enacting any such zoning ordinance or amendment thereto, the Council shall first hold a public hearing thereon at which any interested person may be heard in respect thereto. Notice of the date, time and place of such hearing shall be provided not less than thirty (30) days prior to such hearing in the manner specified by Council by ordinance and such ordinance, regulation or amendment shall be on file and available for inspection in the office of the Clerk during such period. Unless such ordinance, regulation or amendment thereto has been recommended to the Council by the Planning Commission, the Council shall refer it to the Planning Commission for its recommendation and any such ordinance, resolution or amendment not recommended for passage by the Planning Commission shall require the affirmative vote of at least five members of the Council for its approval. Upon receiving such approval by Council, such proposed ordinance, regulation or amendment shall be certified to the Board of Elections to be submitted to the electors at the next general or regular Municipal election occurring more than ninety (90) days after the approval by Council.
   No such proposed ordinance, regulation or amendment approved by the Council shall become effective until a majority of the qualified electors of the Municipality voting upon such proposed legislation also approve it.
(Amended 11-4-14.)