The office of an elected officer of the Municipality shall become vacant upon the officer’s death, resignation, or recall pursuant to Section 3 of Article VIII hereof, or may be declared vacant by resolution of the Council if:
   (a)   The officer shall not be a registered elector of the Municipality; or
   (b)   The officer shall not reside in the Municipality, or shall not have resided in the Municipality continuously for a period of one year next preceding the officer’s election; or
   (c)   The officer shall hold any other public office to which the officer has been elected by a vote of the people at a general election; or
   (d)   The officer shall hold any other appointive public office where the officer is in a position to exert material influence or authority in conflict with any lawful interest of this Municipality; or
   (e)   The officer shall have any material financial interest in any contract to which the Municipality is a party.
      (Amended 11-4-08)