A.   Passengers: No operator of a bicycle upon the public streets, sidewalks or boulevards shall carry any person upon the handlebars or frame of any such vehicle and no person shall so ride thereon. This restriction shall not apply to operators of a bicycle with children in safety restraint seats.
   B.   Hitching: No persons riding upon any bicycle, sled, roller skates or any similar vehicle shall attach the same or themselves to any moving vehicle upon any street or highway.
   C.   Passing Pedestrians: Every person riding a bicycle on any sidewalk shall, upon meeting or overtaking pedestrians either get off the sidewalk or dismount and walk past the pedestrians.
   D.   Riding Abreast: Bicycle riders shall not ride more than two (2) abreast and shall ride in single file when meeting vehicles or passing vehicles on a side.
   E.   Obey Traffic Regulations: All operators of bicycles shall observe the same traffic regulations that are imposed upon motor vehicles using the city streets; including namely, to give proper traffic signals before making a turn or stopping, obeying all traffic signals and warnings, stopping at stop signs, making proper use of a bell, horn, siren or similar warning signal. The operator of a bicycle shall keep in the traffic line on the right half thereof and when proceeding in the opposite direction to any traffic shall pass to the right, each giving to the other at least one-half (1/2) of the main traveled portion of the street as nearly as possible, and when making a turn shall give the proper signal by extending an arm. (Ord. 412, 7-10-1967)