5-2-1: Parking Prohibited
5-2-2: Time Limit Parking
5-2-3: Restricted Parking
5-2-4: Parking Vehicles For Sale
5-2-5: Parking Lights
5-2-6: Snow Emergency Regulations
5-2-6-1: Declaration Of Emergency
5-2-6-2: Declaration Of Emergency To The Public
5-2-6-3: Parking Restrictions
5-2-6-4: Stalled Vehicle On Primary Snow Emergency Route
5-2-6-5: Snow Emergency Routes Designated
5-2-6-6: Signs To Mark Snow Emergency Routes And Snow Removal Districts
5-2-6-7: Violations; Impoundment
5-2-7: Parking Regulations Other Than During A Declared Snow Emergency
5-2-7-1: Declaration Of Snow Removal Status
5-2-7-2: Parking Schedule Established
5-2-7-3: Residential Parking Permits
5-2-8: Volunteers Authorized To Issue Parking Tickets
5-2-9: Parking Tickets
5-2-10: Penalties And Impoundment
5-2-11: Prohibition On Parking In Front And Side Yards