A.   Glass On Streets: No person shall throw or deposit upon any street any glass, nail, tack, wire, can or any other injurious substance. Any person moving a wrecked or damaged vehicle from the street shall remove any glass or other injurious substance dropped on the highway from the vehicle. (Ord. 174; amd. Ord. 232; 1967 Code §61.15)
   B.   Commit Offense: No person shall commit or attempt to commit, conspire to commit or aid or abet in the commission of any act declared an offense whether individually or in connection with one or more persons or as principal. No person shall falsely, fraudulently, forcibly or wilfully induce, cause, coerce, require, permit or direct another to violate any of the provisions of this title. (Ord. 174; amd. Ord. 232; 1967 Code §61.18)
   C.   Owner's Responsibility: No owner or other person employing or otherwise directing the driver of any vehicle shall require or knowingly permit the operation of the vehicle upon a street in any manner contrary to law. (Ord. 174; amd. Ord. 232; 1967 Code §61.19)