A.   Carrying Weapons: No person, except as authorized by law, shall carry concealed about their persons firearms of any description, or any sharp or dangerous weapon such as is usually employed in attack or defense of the person.
   B.   Prohibited Weapons, Fireworks And Devices:
      1.   Prohibition: The following acts are hereby prohibited except as may be otherwise stated:
         a.   No person shall fire or discharge any firearm within the city limits except under circumstances of defense of oneself or another, and where such force is justified under Minnesota statutes section 609.06 and 609.065. No person shall transport a firearm within the city unless the same shall be unloaded and secured in a locked trunk of a vehicle or in a gun case expressly made to contain the firearm, and the case fully encloses the firearm by being zipped, snapped, buckled, tied or otherwise fastened and without any portion of the firearm exposed. This section shall not apply to acts of possession allowed by a valid permit to carry issued pursuant to Minnesota statutes section 624.714.
         b.   No person shall fire, set off or discharge any firecracker, fireworks or other explosive, incendiary or pyrotechnic device within the city limits; except that the council may by permit allow the display of fireworks at such time and such place as the council shall direct.
         c.   No person shall discharge, set off, or fire any spring gun, air gun, or BB gun within the city limits except at such places as the council may direct.
         d.   No person shall carry on their person in a public place as defined in Minnesota statutes section 624.7181, subsection 1, paragraph c, as amended from time to time, a facsimile firearm within the city. "Facsimile firearm" means any object not actually a firearm which is a replica of an actual firearm, which substantially duplicates an actual firearm, or which could reasonably be perceived to be an actual firearm. This section shall not restrict the use of a facsimile firearm for self-defense of a person's residence or place of business.
         e.   No person shall use or shoot any bow and arrow, crossbow, slingshot or any other device designated to throw or hurl any missile within the city limits except at such places as the council shall direct. Transportation of any archery bow must meet the criteria set forth in Minnesota statutes section 97B.051.
         f.   No persons shall have on their person in a public place, sell or offer to sell, trade or offer for trade any spring blade knife, switchblade knife, nunchakus, throwing star or other weapon of any type or size capable of causing injury to another unless specifically excepted elsewhere in this section.
         g.   No persons shall carry on or about their person or in the passenger compartment of any motor vehicle any of the weapons described in subsection B1f of this section, unless the same is in an opaque container which encloses the weapon by being zipped, snapped, buckled, tied or otherwise fastened and without any portion of the weapon exposed.
      2.   Exceptions:
         a.   The above restrictions do not apply to peace officers or members of the armed forces of the United States while on duty within the city. The council shall enact such regulations concerning the carrying and use of firearms by the members of the Moorhead police department as the council deems necessary and proper.
         b.   The above restrictions for items in subsections B1d and B1f of this section do not apply in places at which an event or activity is conducted involving the exhibition, display, or carrying of a weapon, done in a manner not intended or calculated to result in or lead to the unlawful use of the weapon, including, but not limited to, educational or training programs, weapons or collectors shows or exhibitions, or religious, artistic, educational, or cultural events.
         c.   The above restrictions will not apply in parades or other public events when the use or display of weapons is authorized by the city for the event.
         d.   The above restrictions do not apply as provided in section 4-7-2, "Designated Areas", of this title, a person lawfully hunting on city designated hunting lands whether public or private, with an appropriate state hunting license during a state recognized season so long as all state and local regulations are being followed. Designated lands exclude hunting from a public roadway or right of way.
      3.   Seizure Of Weapons And Devices: Any of the weapons and devices described in subsection B1 of this section wherever and whenever they shall be found within the city limits in violation of this subsection may be seized and impounded. (Ord. 2014-31, 12-8-2014)