(A)   There is created the post of municipal dog warden, whose duties and responsibilities shall be the enforcement of this chapter and the general laws of the state, county and municipality pertaining to dogs.  The warden shall be appointed by the City Manager and shall be under the control of and responsible to the Director of Public Safety.
   (B)   The dog warden is authorized to file complaints before the mayor and other magistrates in order to enforce compliance with this chapter and all laws in general pertaining to dogs.
   (C)   The dog warden is empowered to apprehend and incarcerate all unlicensed dogs, stray dogs, dogs running at large, or dogs whose actions are contrary to the provisions of this chapter or the general laws of the state pertaining to dogs.
   (D)   The dog warden is granted any and all other powers necessary for the proper enforcement of this chapter and for the general regulation of dogs within the municipality, and he is authorized to exercise and use reasonable force in apprehending and controlling dogs and the right of reasonable entry on private property for pursuit and seizure of dogs thereon, and shall have the power of a police officer in such capacity. 
(‘67 Code, § 90.06; Am. Ord. 28-1981, passed 10-7-81)