91.01   Definitions
   91.02   Exemptions from chapter
   91.03   Restrictions applicable to sale of beer and intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises
   91.04   Restrictions on sale of beer and liquor
   91.05   Permit required; activities prohibited without permit
   91.06   Illegal transportation prohibited
   91.07   Open container prohibited; exception
   91.08   Underage person shall not purchase intoxicating liquor or beer
   91.09   Prohibitions; minors under 18 years; low-alcohol beverages
   91.10   Alcohol vaporizing devices prohibited
   91.11   Misrepresentation to obtain alcoholic beverage for a minor prohibited
   91.12   Misrepresentation by a minor under 21 years
   91.13   [Reserved]
   91.14   Posting of card
   91.15   Good faith acceptances of spurious identification
   91.16   Prohibition against consumption in motor vehicle
   91.17   Hours of sale or consumption
   91.18   Obstructing search of premises prohibited
   91.19   Illegal possession of intoxicating liquor prohibited
   91.20   Prohibition against sale or possession of diluted liquor and refilled containers
   91.21   Offenses involving underage persons
   91.22   Keeping place where beer or intoxicating liquors are sold in violation of law
   91.23   Intoxicating liquors shall not be sold in brothels
   91.24   Use of intoxicating liquor in a public dance hall prohibited; exceptions
   91.25   Poisonously adulterated liquors
   91.26   Tavern keeper permitting rioting or drunkenness
   91.27   Notice of action to prohibit liquor business
   91.28   [Reserved]
   91.29   Procedure when injunction violated
   91.30   Liquor transaction scans
   91.31   Affirmative defenses
   91.99   Penalty
   Driving while intoxicated or drugged, implied consent, see §§ 73.01 and 73.011
Statutory reference:
   Administrative regulations, see O.A.C. Chapter 4301:1-1
   Liquor permits, see R.C. Chapter 4303
   Local option elections, see R.C. §§ 4301.32 et seq.
   Use of license to violate liquor laws; suspension; procedures, see R.C. § 4510.33