(A)   All dogs found running or roaming at large within the municipality shall be apprehended and incarcerated in a suitable place until properly released by the dog warden or other responsible municipal official.
   (B)   There shall be charged the sum of $4 per day for the care and keep of each dog incarcerated as above set forth, which sum shall be paid prior to the release of the dog to the owner.  In cases of hardship, the dog warden may reduce the charges to a sum of not less than $10.
   (C)   All sums received for the apprehension and care of incarcerated dogs shall be paid into the office of the municipal treasurer and deposited in the general fund of the municipality.
   (D)   Any dog incarcerated for 10 continuous days may be disposed of or destroyed according to methods and means prescribed by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  Any dog incarcerated for 10 consecutive days and not claimed by the owner may be sold by the dog warden to any suitable person at a price of $10 or at such other price established by the municipal administrative assistant, considering the cost of upkeep of such animals and proper disposition of such animals.
   (E)   Upon incarcerating a licensed dog, the dog warden shall forthwith notify the owner of the incarceration by sending written notice to the owner at his address shown on the dog's registration application.  Such notice shall state that the dog shall be sold or destroyed, as herein provided, unless the dog is redeemed by the owner.  Diseased or injured dogs may be destroyed by the dog warden without notice or time limitation but only after obtaining a certificate attesting to such disease or injury signed by a licensed veterinarian if the dog is licensed.  Any dog not licensed may be disposed of by the dog warden without notice and delay, as provided by general law.
(‘67 Code, § 90.05)  Penalty, see § 90.99