As an alternate to the abatement process under section 4-1-4 of this chapter, when a nuisance exists as defined by subsection 4-1-2D of this chapter, the city may abate the nuisance by following the procedure described in this section. If the city manager determines that a nuisance exists under subsection 4-1-2D of this chapter, the city manager shall notify the property owner by mailed notice of the existence of such a nuisance. Such notice shall give the property owner five (5) days from the date of mailing to abate the nuisance. If the nuisance is not abated within that time, the city may cause the weeds, grasses or other rank growths to be cut, sprayed or otherwise removed and may recover the expenses thereof, either by civil action against the owner or by ordering the city clerk to extend such sum plus twenty five percent (25%) thereof as a special assessment against such lot, to be collected with other city taxes. The city shall mail the property owner notice of the amount of such expenses. The property owner shall have thirty (30) days from the date of such notice to appeal to the city council. After the first notice as to the existence of a nuisance, no further notice in that calendar year shall be required for a recurring nuisance. It shall be sufficient notice for the city to send one notice per calendar year containing the total expenses proposed to be recovered by the city for such recurring nuisance. (Ord. 867, 2-20-2007)