A.   Notice To Abate; Hearing: If any nuisance described above exists causing a condition which is judged to be harmful or dangerous to the health, morals or safety of any considerable number of people, the council by resolution may describe the same and require either the owner or occupant of such premises, or both, to take reasonable steps within a reasonable time, which shall both be set out in the resolution, to abate the nuisance. The resolution shall also fix a time and place when the person or persons upon whom the resolution is served may appear before the council and be heard as to any objections concerning the proposed action of the council. Such resolution shall be served upon the person or persons therein required to abate the nuisance, in person or by certified mail (restricted delivery), and if the address of the owner is unknown, service on the owner may be had by posting a copy of the resolution on the premises. Service may be proved by filing in the office of the clerk setting forth the manner and the time thereof. (Ord. 888, 2-17-2009)
   B.   Abatement By City; Expense Responsibility Of Owner: If, after such service of the resolution, the party or parties served fails to abate the nuisance in accordance with the terms of the resolution, and after having heard the objections thereto, if any, the council does not determine otherwise, the council may cause such nuisance to be abated at the expense of the city and recover such expenditure, either by civil action against the person or persons served or, if service has been had upon the owner, by ordering the clerk to extend such sum plus twenty five percent (25%) thereof as a special tax against the property upon which the nuisance existed and to certify the same to the county auditor for collection in the manner as taxes and special assessments are collected. (Ord. 428, 7-24-1972)