(A)   In the RM and RH zones, with the approval of a conditional use permit, a lot, the side or rear lot line of which abuts a commercial, manufacturing, public/quasi-public or planned development zone may be developed for parking lot purposes, if all of the criteria set forth in this section are met.
   (B)   Any transitional parking use shall be subject to the following requirements, in addition to any conditions imposed upon the approval of the conditional use permit:
      (1)   The parking lot shall be contiguous to the building or use.
      (2)   All street parking areas shall be screened so as to minimize the visual effect from the street. The side or rear boundary line of the residential lot shall be screened by a six-foot high masonry wall. In addition, appropriate landscaping treatment may be required along such boundary to minimize the visual impact upon, or provide security to any affected residential use. The street setback area shall be landscaped and screened with either a wall constructed of concrete, stone, brick or a similar solid masonry material, or a berm including grass or plant material.
      (3)   If the parking lot is lighted, such lighting shall be designed, arranged and installed so as to confine direct rays onto the premises and to direct light away from adjoining properties.
      (4)   Landscape and irrigation plans, including the type and location of plant materials, shall be submitted with the application for a conditional use permit. Landscaping shall be distributed throughout the parking lot in addition to the required street setback landscaping.
      (5)   All development shall be subject to the requirements set forth in Chapter 17.24 of this code.
      (6)   Whenever a conditional use permit for transitional parking is approved by the Planning Commission, a written report of such action shall be forwarded to the City Council. The report shall be for the Council's information only, unless the matter is also appealed, in which event the Council shall proceed to decide the appeal as in any other case.
   (C)   Any person holding a conditional use permit for a transitional parking lot use shall have the continuing responsibility to minimize the impact of the parking lot use on adjoining and neighboring residential uses. Problems created by noise, odors, litter, light or glare attributable to the parking lot use that adversely affect neighboring residential properties are hereby declared to be a public nuisance and shall constitute grounds for revocation of the conditional use permit.
(`83 Code, § 17.44.210)  (Ord. 94-03 § 6, 1994)