§ 17.44.180  SERVICE STATIONS.
   (A)   Generally.  No building permit shall be issued for any service station unless the conditions set forth below are met.
   (B)   Lot area.  Each lot shall have a minimum area of 14,000 square feet.
   (C)   Lot width.  Each lot shall have a minimum width of 120 feet on that street or those streets which is or are classified as a part of the “Select System of Roads and Streets”, as defined by the Cal. Streets and Highways Code, but in no event can the dimension along the intersecting street be less than 90 feet.
   (D)   Setbacks.
      (1)   There shall be a minimum setback for any building of ten feet from any property line, except where the lot line of the property involved abuts a public alley and a masonry wall is erected pursuant to division (J)(3) of this section or a building is constructed adjacent to such alley.
      (2)   Gasoline pumps, or other facilities for providing vehicles with gasoline, and pump islands on which they are placed shall be set back 15 feet from any property line.
   (E)   Access.
      (1)   Each developed site shall have not more than two accessways (driveways) to any one street.
      (2)   Accessways shall have a minimum of five feet of full-height curb from adjoining residential property lines.
      (3)   No driveway shall exceed a width of 35 feet.
      (4)   There shall be a minimum distance of 22 feet of full-height curb between cuts along the street frontage.
   (F)   Parking.
      (1)   Off-street parking shall be provided as required in Chapter 17.24.  In addition, one parking space shall be provided at all times for each employee on duty.
      (2)   No parking of commercial vehicles over 6,000 pounds shall be permitted between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. within 15 feet of an abutting residential zone.
   (G)   Signs.  All signs shall conform and comply with the regulations and procedures outlined in Chapter 17.28 of this code.
   (H)   Landscaping.
      (1)   Minimum five-foot wide planters shall be located and maintained adjacent to every street frontage except for driveways or curb cut openings.
      (2)   A minimum of 100 square feet of planting area shall be located and maintained at the intersection of two property lines at a street corner.
      (3)   All planting areas shall be separated from abutting paving by minimum six-inch-high curb walls.
      (4)   All landscaped areas shall have a permanent automatic irrigation system and such areas shall be planted and maintained.
   (I)   Outside lighting.
      (1)   All outside lighting shall be so arranged and shielded as to prevent any glare or reflection, nuisance, inconvenience, or hazardous interference of any kind on adjoining streets or property.
      (2)   All outside lights and signals, except for those necessary for security lighting, shall be turned off when the station is not in operation.
   (J)   Screening.
      (1)   Entrances to all rest rooms shall be screened from view of adjacent properties or street rights-of- way by decorative screening six feet high. Bottom of screen shall be raised 18 inches above grade for visibility and ventilation.
      (2)   All outside trash, garbage, refuse and storage areas shall be completely enclosed by solid decorative masonry walls, with necessary gates constructed with approved screening materials, not less than five feet in height. Provisions for adequate vehicular access shall be provided to and from such areas for collection of trash.
      (3)   Where the rear property line abuts a public alley, there shall be erected a five-foot masonry wall dividing the service station property from the alley.
   (K)   Hours of operation.  Restrictions may be placed on business hours depending on location and scope of operation.
   (L)   Utilities.  Utilities service to all structures, including signs, shall be installed underground.
   (M)   Retail sales.
      (1)   Unless approved as a service station mini-market no other merchandise shall be sold other than convenience items such as soft drinks and cigarettes typically sold from dispensing machines or from the cashier's counter and does not exceed 10% or 40 square feet of the building's floor space (excluding garage and rest room areas).
      (2)   The establishment of a service station mini-market requires securing a conditional use permit. A service station mini-market occupies a building floor space (excluding garage and rest room areas) that typically exceeds 10% or 40 square feet in area and sells both non-perishable and perishable goods primarily for the service station customers convenience.
   (N)   Car wash.  Self-serve or semi-self-serve car wash facilities that are incidental to the service station operation.  The addition of a car wash facility to an existing facility shall require an amendment to the conditional use permit or require a new conditional use permit if one does not exist.
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