(A)   A satellite receiving antenna shall be screened from public view pursuant to the standards set forth in §§ 17.12.040(C) and 17.16.030.
   (B)   Any satellite receiving antennae which exceeds three feet in diameter or six feet in height shall, in residential zones, be deemed an accessory building, and in all other zones be deemed a main building, which shall meet all height, setback and lot coverage requirements for the zone in which it is located, and for which a building permit shall be required. Concurrently with any building permit application, the applicant shall submit a precise plan of design, which shall include all of the following:
      (1)   A site plan of the subject property, showing property lines, abutting properties, all structures on the subject property as well as the adjacent properties, walls, setbacks, nearby streets, major vegetation, as well as the location of the proposed satellite receiving antennae;
      (2)   All affected exterior elevations and architectural features, the texture and color of all materials to be used for the proposed installation, including landscaping materials;
      (3)   A map and list showing all property owners by name and address that are affected by or adjacent to the subject property;
      (4)   Manufacturers' details and installation specifications, including remedial architectural treatment to improve or soften the appearance of the installation; and
      (5)   Written proof that all affected property owners have been notified and fully apprized of the proposed installation.
   (C)   When a precise plan of design is required under division (B) of this section, it shall be submitted to the Development Review Committee for review and approval prior to the issuance of a building permit. In reviewing the proposed plan, the Development Review Committee shall be guided by the following principles:
      (1)   Installation of the satellite receiving antennae, where feasible, should be located in the interior of a building, within a side or rear yard, on a roof if within a roof well or other location screened by a parapet wall, or other unobtrusive location on the property so as to reduce visual impact;
      (2)   The installation of all accessory equipment should be adjacent to the main unit;
      (3)   Support structures, security fencing and screening walls should be designed with architectural features and/or landscaping that harmonize with the elements and characteristics of the property;
      (4)   All ground-mounted satellite receiving antennae should be placed adjacent to main or accessory structures or other appropriate solid background in order to minimize visual impacts;
      (5)   All ground-mounted satellite receiving antennae in residential zones, with the exception of churches, schools and other quasi-public institutions, shall not exceed 15 feet in height; and
      (6)   All ground-mounted satellite receiving antennae in industrial, commercial, planned development, and public/quasi-public zones shall not exceed the height of 20 feet above grade level.
   (D)   The Development Review Committee shall review the precise plan of design to ensure that the functional arrangement and the general appearance of the installation conforms to the intent and requirements of this section. At its discretion, the Development Review Committee may refer a request to the Planning Commission for its consideration and decision. The Development Review Committee or the Planning Commission, as the case may be, shall approve the precise plan of design if it is found that the functional arrangement and general appearance of the installation conform to the intent and requirements of this section. Any decision or condition imposed shall not be applied in such a manner as to preclude reasonable signal reception or to impose costs on the applicant that are excessive in light of the purchase and installation cost of the satellite receiving antennae. The plan as submitted may be disapproved, conditionally approved or modified if it is found that the proposed design:
      (1)   Would substantially interfere with the quiet use and enjoyment of surrounding or adjacent properties;
      (2)   Would be substantially and materially incompatible with the natural environment and beauty of surrounding property;
      (3)   Would deter an orderly and attractive development of the community in general, and surrounding properties in particular;
      (4)   Would otherwise adversely affect the public peace, safety or general economic welfare; or
      (5)   Would not materially comply with the provisions of this section.
   (E)   No person shall install, either as owner or agent, or employee of an owner, or as an independent contractor of an owner, or otherwise, any satellite receiving antennae, any addition thereto or any modification thereof, without complying with the provisions of this section.
(`83 Code, § 17.44.150)  (Ord. 94-03 § 6, 1994)