Bed and breakfast homes shall be subject to conditional use permit approval and meet the requirements of this section.  Also see § 17.40.140 regarding Historic Preservation Participation Incentives:
   (A)   Minimum size of structure.  The use shall be located in a building of residential design having a minimum of 2,000 square feet of residential floor area.
   (B)   Maximum number of rooms to be rented.  Fifty percent of the bedrooms in a home can be used for rental to a maximum number of three bedrooms.
   (C)   Owner-occupied residence.  The property must be the principal residence of the owner.
   (D)   Signs. On-premise signs for any bed and breakfast home shall be limited to one wall or hanging wood sign not more than 12 inches by 36 inches. However, a 12-inch by 36-inch sign incorporated into a decorative architectural feature such as a fence or lamp post, in combination with effective landscaping, may be approved by the Development Review Committee. The content of the sign shall be limited to identifying not more than the name and address of the home.
   (E)   Cooking facilities.  No cooking facilities shall be permitted in any guest room.
   (F)   Meals.  No meals shall be served to guests other than breakfast, and/or dinner and these meals shall be served only to registered overnight guests.
   (G)   Length of occupancy.  No guest shall be permitted to rent accommodations or remain in occupancy for a period in excess of 14 days during any consecutive 90-day period. Additionally, no owner shall rent out any room or area in any bed and breakfast home more than twice in a 24-hour period, or for a time period less than 24 hours.
   (H)   Parking.  The existing home must have the current required parking. Up to three additional parking spaces may be required, subject to Planning Commission review of available off-street parking.
   (I)   Registration required.  Every person conducting or owning a bed and breakfast home in the city shall at all times keep and maintain therein a register or other permanent document in which shall be inscribed with ink the name and address of each and every guest or person renting a room therein. Such register or document shall be signed by the person renting a room and the owner of the bed and breakfast home shall thereupon write opposite such name or names so registered the number of each room assigned to or occupied by each such guest, together with the time when such room is rented. Until all of such entries shall have been made in such register or document, no owner shall allow or permit such guest or person to occupy privately any room. Erasures or alterations on the register or document shall not be permitted or made for any purpose, and it shall be unlawful to erase a name or names and address or addresses or to permit or allow such an erasure. Such register or documents shall be kept in a conspicuous place and shall be at all times open to the inspection of any peace officer for lawful purposes.
(`83 Code, § 17.44.030)  (Ord. 94-03 § 6, 1994)