(A)   Single-family residences.  Where automobile parking spaces on the lot of a single-family residence do not meet the requirements imposed by this code, no structure may be enlarged in excess of 500 square feet or to a total dwelling size of 1,250 square feet, whichever is greater, unless additional parking spaces are provided in compliance with this title. The maximum increase in floor area shall be based on construction undertaken in any given 12-month period.  Notwithstanding, no addition to a structure will be permitted if it is the only location on a lot where a garage may be located.  A “future garage” location must be indicated on the submitted site plan that conforms to the standards set forth in this title.
   (B)   All uses other than single-family residential.  Where parking on a lot does not meet the requirements for parking associated with the use located on said lot as required by this code on the effective date of this title, no structure thereon may be altered, enlarged or converted and no such use may be expanded unless automobile parking spaces are provided to meet the requirements imposed by this title for such alteration, conversion, enlargement or expansion.
   (C)   Where calculation of the number of spaces required results in a fractional number, the next higher whole number shall be used.
(`83 Code, § 17.24.020)  (Ord. 94-03 § 6, 1994; Ord. 99-03 § 3, 1999)