(A)   Purpose.  The ANF Zoning designation is applied to all property within the Corporate Boundary of the City of Monrovia that is also within the boundary of the Angeles National Forest.  The purpose of this chapter is to provide development standards for privately owned property in the ANF Zone.
   (B)   Permitted uses.  Utility distribution facilities
   (C)   Conditionally permitted uses.  The following uses are allowed in the ANF Zone with the approval of a Conditional Use Permit:
      (1)   Vacation cabin which is defined as a single family dwelling unit used/intended for seasonal or temporary occupancy only, and not permanently occupied as a family residence during any entire year and not intended for transient occupancy of less than 30 days.
      (2)   Utility operations facilities.
   (D)   Hillside Development Permit required.  Any proposed development, including the issuance of a grading permit, requires the approval of a Hillside Development Permit pursuant to § 17.52.095.
   (E)   Minimum lot area.  The minimum lot area shall be 80 acres.
   (F)   Density.  A maximum density of one dwelling unit for each 80 acres of lot area shall be permitted.
   (G)   Maximum structure size.  The maximum square footage of all structures on a lot is 800 square feet.  The maximum ridge height of any structure shall be 12 feet.  This does not apply to utility distribution facilities.
   (H)   Setbacks.  A minimum ten foot building setback is required from all property lines.
   (I)   Line of sight.  No structures or grading shall be permitted within 100 feet of a prominent ridge.  A prominent ridge shall be defined as a ridge or hill location, which is generally the highest point or elevation from which a building would be silhouetted against the sky.  A line of sight will be required for all proposed structures.
   (J)   Maximum grading.  No more than a three-foot cut or three-feet of fill shall be permitted.  No export shall be permitted.  All grading on the site must be confined to a maximum footprint of 2,000 square feet.
   (K)   Tree preservation/landscaping.  The development shall be situated in such a way that no trees of any species shall be removed that have a diameter greater than ten inches measured two feet above the natural grade.  No limbs of any tree or shrub greater than two inches in diameter may be removed.  No structures may be built within the drip line of any tree.  No landscaping is allowed.
   (L)   Access.  Prior to acceptance of a development application, documentation to the satisfaction of the City Attorney shall be provided indicating right of access to the subject property.  Review of emergency access shall also be approved by the Fire and Police Departments.
   (M)   Fees.  In addition to fees established for requested entitlements, a deposit shall be submitted to the City to cover the fully burdened rate of additional staff time required to process the application, including the review of the City Attorney.
(Ord. 2006-03 § 6, 2006)