(A)   Lot size.  The minimum lot area shall be 10,000 square feet.  A minimum lot width of 50 feet and a minimum lot depth of 100 feet are required.
   (B)   Floor area and lot coverage.  The ratio of total gross floor area to lot area shall not exceed a FAR of 200%.  Basement area shall not count in the determination of FAR.  Minimum lot coverage is 75%.  Maximum lot coverage is 100%. 
   (C)   Setbacks.  No setback is required for buildings in the HCD zone.  Additionally, buildings with property lines bounded by public streets, no setback is allowed, with the exception that storefront entries adjacent to Myrtle Avenue shall be recessed a minimum of three feet from the front property line.
   (D)   Building height.  Buildings in the HCD zone shall have no more than two stories (excluding basements) and shall not be taller than 35 feet in height.
   (E)   Retail storefront appearance required.  All uses located at street level must have a front window corridor consistent with the retail nature of Myrtle Avenue.
      (1)   Building partitions shall not be constructed within the front 25 feet as measured from the wall closest to the front lot line on Myrtle Avenue.
      (2)   Windows facing any street shall not be tinted.
      (3)   Storefront windows shall not be obscured.  Window coverings on the ground floor shall be reviewed by the Development Review Committee and shall maximize the appearance of an open storefront.
      (4)   Bars or other physical security devices shall be discouraged however if installed the following shall apply:
         (a)   Installation shall only be allowed on the interior of the building and shall be setback from the store front.
         (b)   Devices shall be retractable and not visible when open.
         (c)   Devices shall be opened during normal business hours.  Normal business hours shall mean 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
         (d)   The Development Review Committee shall review the design and location of the installation.
   (F)   Parking.  Notwithstanding the provisions of the Parking Ordinance in Chapter 17.24 of this Code, the parking requirements in this section shall apply to all property within the HCD Zone.
      (1)   Residential – Existing buildings.  When existing floor area is converted to a residential use, assigned open spaces shall be provided as follows:
         (a)   Dwelling units 600 square feet and less shall provide one space.
         (b)   Dwelling units over 600 square feet in floor area shall provide two spaces.
      (2)   Residential – New Construction.  When new residential uses are built, enclosed parking spaces shall be provided as follows:
         (a)   Dwelling units 600 square feet and less shall provide one enclosed garage space.
         (b)   Dwelling units over 600 square feet in floor area shall provide two enclosed garage spaces.
   (G)   Residential Development.  The following development shall apply to all residential units in the HCD zone.
      (1)   Dwelling size. Dwelling units shall have the minimum floor area as indicated in the table below (in square feet).  Dwelling units shall have no more than two bedrooms.
      (2)   Density.   Maximum permitted density is 25 dwelling units per acre.
      (3)   Accessory structures.  Detached accessory structures that are considered part of a residential use are not permitted.
      (4)   Outdoor storage prohibited.  For dwelling units that have balconies, only patio furniture shall be permitted on balconies.
   (H)   Fences and Walls.  Fences and walls shall not be permitted adjacent to any public street.  All other locations and materials used shall be approved by the Development Review Committee. Barbed wire and chain link are not permitted materials.
   (I)   Trash areas.  Each use shall either (a) provide trash containers on site or (b) financially contribute to and use shared trash facilities within the HCD Zone.  If trash containers are provided on site:
      (1)   The containers shall provide sufficient capacity to contain all refuse generated by the use.
      (2)   All trash containers shall be enclosed or screened from public view and shall not be adjacent to any public street and shall be located so as to allow for convenient pickup and disposal.
      (3)   All trash containers shall be provided with lids.
   (J)   Outside storage prohibited.
   (K)   Mechanical equipment.  Ground-mounted mechanical equipment shall be completely screened from public view and shall only be permitted at the rear of buildings.  Roof-mounted mechanical equipment and/or duct work which projects above the roof or roof parapet of a building and is visible from adjacent properties or a public street shall not be permitted.  Exceptions:  The Development Review Committee may permit an enclosure that screens mechanical equipment if the material is durable and consistent with the architecture of the building.  Satellite dishes shall not be visible from the public right-of-way.
   (L)   Signage.  Sign standards are pursuant to the Sign Ordinance in Chapter 17.28.
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