§ 17.10.040  EXEMPTIONS.
   Notwithstanding the provisions of any other section in this chapter, discretionary demolition review shall not be required for:
   (A)   The demolition of detached accessory structures, such as garages, guest houses, sheds, trellises, fences, gazebos, uncovered decks, play structures, and other similar detached accessory structures, as determined by the Director of Community Development, unless the detached accessory structure previously was the main residential building on the property;
   (B)   The demolition of flatwork;
   (C)   Window replacement that does not remove exterior wall area;
   (D)   Ordinary maintenance and repair;
   (E)   Restoration;
   (F)   Rehabilitation;
   (G)   Interior construction that does not involve any exterior changes;
   (H)   Reroofing that only replaces the existing roof material with a similar material;
   (I)   Painting;
   (J)   Reasonable accommodation requests made pursuant to § 17.52.327; or
   (K)   Demolition or alteration that is ordered by the Building Official.
(Ord. 2016-10 § 10, 2016)