§ 17.10.030  APPLICABILITY.
   This section shall apply to a main residential building on any non-designated property in any zone that was constructed more than 50 years prior to the date of the application where an applicant proposes a demolition or alteration of the building's exterior, when the following actions are included in the request:
   (A)   Total demolition or removal of a main residential building in its entirety; or
   (B)   Alteration or demolition of 50% or more of a main building's roof area; or
   (C)   Alteration or demolition of a main building's exterior wall area, equal to or greater than:
      (1)   The removal or alteration of 50% or more of a main building's total exterior wall area, or
      (2)   The removal or alteration of 25% or more of any exterior wall facing a public street.
      (3)   The provisions of this division (C) shall not apply to the alteration of an exterior wall if:
         (a)   The wall retains its character defining elements;
         (b)   The wall is not covered or otherwise concealed by a new wall that is proposed to be placed in front of the existing wall; and
         (c)   Attached character defining design elements, such as covered porches, porte-cocheres, columns, etc., are also retained.
(Ord. 2016-10 § 10, 2016)