§ 17.10.020  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purposes of this section, the following definitions shall apply.
   ALTERATION.  Any change or modification, through public or private action, to the character defining or significant physical features of a main residential building, as defined in this chapter. Such changes may include, but are not limited to, changes to or modification of the structure, its architectural details, or visual characteristics.
   BUILDING, MAIN RESIDENTIAL.  A residential building or residential buildings, including houses, duplexes or multi-family residential structures, that were constructed 50 or more years prior to the date when an application is submitted to the city, within which the principal use on the property is conducted.  The Director of Community Development shall determine whether a structure on a property is a main residential building.
   CHARACTER DEFINING ELEMENTS. Architectural features of a building or structure that help convey the significance of the historical building and which were present during the period of significance.
   DEMOLITION.  Any act or process that destroys or damages in part or in whole, a main residential building.
   NON-DESIGNATED PROPERTY.  A non-designated property shall mean a property that has not been designated as a historic landmark in accordance with the Historic Preservation Ordinance of the City of Monrovia set forth in Chapter 17.40 of this Title.  If the property is a historic landmark, demolition review shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 17.40.
   ORDINARY MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR.  Any work for which a building permit is not required by law where the purpose and effect of such work is to correct any deterioration of, or damage to, an improvement or natural feature or any part thereof and to restore the same to its condition prior to the occurrence of such deterioration or damage.
   REHABILITATION. The act or process of returning an improvement or site to a condition of utilization, through repair, remodeling or alteration, that makes possible an efficient contemporary use while preserving those portions or features of the improvement or site that are significant to its historical, architectural and cultural values.
   RESTORATION. The act or process of accurately recovering the form and details of an improvement or natural feature and its setting as it appeared at a particular period of time by means of the removal of later additions to, or by the replacement of missing earlier portions of the feature.
(Ord. 2016-10 § 10, 2016)