(A)   Either the City Recorder or the Council shall issue a final decision on a claim, after providing notice and an opportunity to comment, within 180 days from the claim is deemed completed. The Council may waive some regulations identified in the claim and deny waiver of others. The Council may waive regulations that are not otherwise specified in the claim. The City Recorder or Council may impose reasonable conditions on a waiver to protect the public interest. Failure to comply with any condition of approval is grounds for revocation of the City Recorder’s or Council’s decision.
   (B)   The final decision shall be in writing and signed by the City Recorder, or the Mayor, if the decision was referred to the Council. The city shall mail a copy of the final determination to the claimant and to any person who submitted written evidence or arguments before the close of the record. The city shall forward to the county, and the county shall record, a memorandum of the final determination in the deed records of the county in which the property is located.
   (C)   The decision of either the City Recorder or Council, if referred to the Council, is final and not subject to local appeal. Judicial review is available only as provided by O.R.S. 195.318.
(Ord. 08-255, passed 3-4-2008)