§ 32.07  NOTICE.
   (A)   Notice of the claim and the City Recorder’s recommendation will be provided at least 30 days before a public hearing on the claim or, if there will not be a public hearing, at least 30 days before the deadline for submission of written comments to:
      (1)   All owners identified in the claim;
      (2)   Owners of record of property on the most recent property tax assessment role where such property is located within 250 feet of the perimeter of the subject property;
      (3)   Neighborhood groups or community organizations officially recognized by the City Council and whose boundaries include the subject property;
      (4)   The Department of Land Conservation and Development, unless the claim was filed with that Department; and
      (5)   The county in which the property is located, unless the claim was also filed with the county.
   (B)   The notice required under division (A) above must describe the claim and state:
      (1)   Whether a public hearing will be held on the claim; the date, time, and location of the hearing, if any; and the final date for submission of written evidence and arguments relating to the claims;
      (2)   Judicial review of the city’s final determination on the claim is limited to the written evidence and arguments submitted to the city; and
      (3)   Judicial review is available only for issues that are raised with sufficient specificity to afford the city an opportunity to respond.
(Ord. 08-255, passed 3-4-2008)