(A)   No surface vehicles shall be permitted on the Public Aircraft Facilities without the express permission of the Airport Manager or his authorized representative unless the operation of such vehicles is in accordance with prior agreement to accomplish a necessary airport purpose, service or inspection.
   (B)   Rules of Operation.
      (1)   Any person operating a motor vehicle on the Public Aircraft Facilities shall operate such motor vehicle in a safe and lawful manner so as not to impede utilization of the area by aircraft at all times.
      (2)   No person shall operate any vehicle in a careless or negligent manner or in disregard for the safety of others or in excess of 10 MPH around or near aircraft and 20 MPH away from aircraft. All pedestrians and aircraft shall have the right-of-way over all surface vehicles, and vehicles shall pass with sufficient safe distance to the rear of taxiing aircraft.
      (3)   No person shall operate a motor vehicle or aircraft on the Airport property under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs.
      (4)   No person shall operate any motor vehicle on the Airport overloaded or carrying more passengers than that for which the vehicle was designed. No person shall ride on the running board, stand up in the body of a moving vehicle or ride on the outside of the body of the vehicle, or with arms or legs protruding from the body of the motor vehicle. This shall include the prohibition of riding in the bed of pick-up trucks.
      (5)   The City reserves the right to control all vehicles entering the Public Aircraft Facilities notwithstanding the fact that said vehicle may have two-way radio equipment installed for purposes of communicating with aircraft.
      (6)   No person shall make repairs to motor vehicles anywhere on the Airport other than in designated shop areas, or as approved by the City, except those minor repairs required to move a disabled vehicle to a repair location.
      (7)   Any accident involving injury or property damage that occurs at the Airport shall be immediately reported to the Airport Manager or to his or her authorized representative.
   (C)   Motor Vehicle parking.
      (1)   All parking at the Airport shall be in designated parking areas by the City, and consistent with established parking lines, blocks and signs, unless maintenance requirements dictate otherwise.
      (2)   Considering the imminent danger created by unlawful parking at the Airport, the City shall have the authority to tow or otherwise move motor vehicles which are parked by their owners or operators at the Airport which are in violation of these parking regulations, at the owner's expense and without liability for damage which may be a result from the towing. For the purpose of parking enforcement, the airport is designated a "Tow-away Zone" pursuant to § 72.62 of the Monroe Code of Ordinances.
(Ord. O-2019-09, passed 3-5-19)