(A)   Every owner, tenant, occupant, or person having control of property or lot fronting upon any street or roadway in the city shall:
      (1)   Keep the right-of-way between the property line and the edge of the pavement or curbline, including sidewalk if any, maintained, clean and clear of all weeds and other vegetation, shall keep any grass thereon cut and keep street drains and street gutters open and free from obstruction.
      (2)   Keep streets and sidewalks clear of overhanging limbs, bushes, shrubs, vines, and other vegetation along with any obstruction which interfere with the public use of the street or sidewalk.
   (B)   It is the responsibility of the owner, tenant, occupant of property or lot fronting upon any street, roadway, or sidewalk in the city to maintain the property in conformity with the requirements of this section. Subject to the provisions of § 71.08 of the Monroe Code of Ordinances, the Engineering Department may cause the removal of any shrubbery and trees or other obstructions from street right-of-way including dedicated or recorded easements for sight distance and may also cause the removal of plantings, limbs and other obstructions from such right-of-way or sight easement. Actual costs associated with removal of the vegetation and/or obstruction may be assessed to the property owner or person causing or allowing the obstruction.
(Ord. O-2012-14, passed 6-5-12)