(A)   Where stormwater management service charges appear on a combined utility bill or a master summary bill, and a customer does not pay the service charges for all the utilities on the bill, the partial payment will be applied to the respective service charges in the following order: delinquent stormwater management service charges and then to all other City utility service.
   (B)   Stormwater management service charges are due at the collection office in City Hall within the time period stated on the bill. Bills not paid within this time shall be charged a late fee as set forth in the adopted fee schedule.
   (C)   In the event that the stormwater management service charges and delinquent fee are not paid on or before the final due date, city utility services shall be discontinued on the order established in the City Customer Service Policy adopted by the City Council.
   (D)   Customers with complaints about the accuracy of stormwater management service charges are entitled to a review as provided in § 58.11. No charge will be retroactively adjusted to resolve customer complaints for a period of more than one year prior to the date the City received the complaint.  Any bill charges requiring adjustment must be applied through the utility billing system.
   (E)   If property is under-billed, or not billed, or a bill is sent to the wrong party, the City may back bill up to a one-year period.
(Ord. O-2008-46, passed 11-18-08)