§ 9-4.17  DEFINITIONS.
   As used in this article, the following terms shall have the respective meanings ascribed to them.
   AVENUE (AVE). A major road that runs generally in an east/west direction.
   BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS. The Town Board of Commissioners.
   BOULEVARD (BLVD). An unusually wide street typically in residential areas; often with a central, dividing medium.
   CIRCLE (CIR). A short road that returns to itself.
   COURT (CT). A dead end right-of-way often ending as a cul-de-sac.
   DRIVE (DR). A curving secondary road.
   HIGHWAY (HWY). A designated state or federal highway.
   INTERSTATE (I-#). A thoroughfare of the highest order and federally designated as an interstate.
   LANE (LN). A short private road that branches off of another road and ends or connects to another secondary road.
   LOOP (LP). A short road that starts and ends on the same street or road.
   PARKWAY (PKWY). A special scenic route or park drive.
   PLACE (PL). A cul-de-sac or permanent dead end road.
   PRIVATE ROAD. Any road which is not maintained by a governmental entity or agency through the use of public funds. Road name suffixes for PRIVATE ROADS include: Trail, Lane and Way.
   PUBLIC ROAD. Any road which is maintained by a governmental entity or agency through the use of public funds.
   RADIO/COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES. Includes any radio communications, transmissions, dispatching or future enhanced 911 communications that may involve police, emergency, fire or rescue operations, but are not limited to, these aforesaid operations.
   ROAD (RD). A well-traveled secondary road often connecting with a U.S. or state primary highway.
   STREET (ST). A major road that runs generally in a north-south direction.
   STREET ADDRESS. A unique identifier for each addressable structure within the town. The minimum adequate street address shall be defined as the assigned structure number and the officially adopted road name. Where required by this article, the STREET ADDRESS shall also include the assigned unit designator.
   STRUCTURE. Any building, whether residential, commercial, industrial or institutional in nature and use.
   STRUCTURE NUMBER. The numerical portion of the street address, as assigned by the Ordinance Administrator or his or her designee, in accordance with the Official Road Name and Structure Numbering Map of the town.
   THOROUGHFARE. A general all-inclusive term for roads (public or private) street, drive, cartway, easement, right-of-way or any other word or words that means a way of access.
   TRAIL (TRL). A local, private road that serves as a connector for larger roads.
   UNIT DESIGNATOR. The portion of the street address used to distinguish individual units within the same structure.
   WAY (WAY). A minor private road that begins and ends on the same road.
(2003 Code, § 9-4.17)  (Adopted 9-7-1993)