(A)   Ordinance Administrator and responsibilities.
      (1)   The duly appointed Planning and Zoning Director, or his or her designee, is hereby given authority to administer and assign town addresses, and to enforce the provisions of this article. Questions arising from the enforcement of this article shall be interpreted by the Planning and Zoning Director or his or her designee.
      (2)   Interpretation of this article shall be accomplished by the Planning and Zoning Director or his or her designee.
      (3)   The Ordinance Administrator shall report to the Planning Board or Board of Adjustment at their scheduled meetings as needed to keep the members of the boards informed of any pertinent addressing related matters and to provide them with a summary of any matters.
   (B)   Applications and petitions. The Ordinance Administrator shall accept and examine all applications, road naming petitions, signage variances and initial appeals. Forms are available in the Planning and Zoning Department or at the GIS office.
   (C)   Petitioning for a road name. Roads not eligible for naming, by means of § 9-4.7(D) of this article, may be named by submitting a petition signed by all of the landowners along the road, and upon approval by the Ordinance Administrator.
   (D)   Building permits. No building permit shall be issued for any building or structure until the owner or developer has been issued a structure number with a corresponding road name from the Ordinance Administrator.
   (E)   Certificate of occupancy. Final approval for a certificate of occupancy of any structure or building erected or repaired after the effective date of this article shall be withheld until permanent and proper structure numbers have been posted in accordance with the requirements herein.
   (F)   Procedure upon denial. Any person denied a request directed to the Ordinance Administrator may protest as provided in § 9-4.13(D).
(2003 Code, § 9-4.12)  (Adopted 9-7-1993)