(A)   Installation and maintenance. All public and private road name signs required by this article shall be installed and maintained by the Town Public Works Department.
   (B)   Sign standards. Road name signs shall meet the following standards.
      (1)   All road name signs shall be a six-inch vertical dimension sign.
      (2)   Road name signs shall comply with all reflectivity requirements set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
      (3)   In residential districts, at least one road name sign shall be mounted at each intersection.
      (4)   On major arterials (U.S., N.C. and S.R. 1000 series routes), road name signs shall be placed on diagonally opposite corners so that they will be on the far right side of the intersection for traffic on the major road. Signs naming both roads shall be erected at each location. They shall be mounted with their faces parallel to the roads they name.
      (5)   Road name signs shall be placed at least two feet behind the face of a curb with a minimum clearance of seven feet from the bottom of the sign to the projected edge of pavement. If there is no curb and gutter, the signs shall be placed behind the ditch line out of the maintenance area. The lateral clearance from the road's edge should be six feet.
      (6)   Whenever physical conditions permit, signs shall be located on the right-hand side of the road as one approaches the intersection.
      (7)   Signs shall be set in the center of the turning radius in a way as to be visible from both intersecting roads.
      (8)   Signs shall be placed across the ditch line and shall not block regulatory or warning signs.
      (9)   Signs shall be located in conformance with safety factors related to fixed obstacles near the roadway.
   (C)   Existing road signs. The Ordinance Administrator shall retain existing road signs already in place, except for those signs which are inconsistent with the provisions of the ordinance and substantially affect the purposes sought to be carried out by this article.
(2003 Code, § 9-4.11)  (Adopted 9-7-1993)