32.01   Members of the Legislative Authority; election; terms of office
   32.02   President Pro Tempore; employees
   32.03   Vacancy when President Pro Tempore becomes Mayor
   32.04   Qualifications of members of the Legislative Authority
   32.05   Compensation and bonds of municipal officers and employees
   32.06   Vacancy
   32.07   Judge of election and qualification of members; quorum and special meetings
   32.08   Rules; journal; expulsion of members
   32.09   Meetings
   32.10   General powers
   32.11   Failure to take oath or give bond
   32.12   Notice when new bond required
   32.13   Care, supervision and management of public institutions
   32.14   Publication of ordinances and resolutions
   32.15   Central purchasing
Statutory reference:
   Purchase orders, requirements, see O.A.C. § 117-5-13
   Village accounting and financial reporting, State Auditor administrative regulations, see O.A.C. Chapter 117-9