(a)   (1)   In order to encourage the location of wireless telecommunications facilities on publicly- owned property, the village shall undertake an identification of publicly-owned properties that the village determines are suitable for such use. The village shall regularly update such identification and make the results of such identification available to the public.
      (2)   Persons locating wireless telecommunications facilities upon such identified publicly-owned properties shall be exempt from the requirements herein regarding presentation of proof that colocation of facilities on towers or structures owned by other persons or in other locations is not available. However, persons locating wireless telecommunications facilities on publicly-owned properties shall continue to be subject to the requirements contained in division (b) hereof.
      (3)   In addition, persons locating wireless telecommunications facilities on publicly-owned properties identified by the village to be suitable for such purposes shall be exempt from the requirement of §§ 1478.05(a) to (c) and 1478.09(a)(2) to (a)(4).
   (b)   No new tower shall be constructed in the village unless such tower is capable of accommodating at least one additional wireless telecommunications facility owned by other persons.
   (c)   A conditional use permit shall be issued only if there is not a technically suitable space reasonably available on an existing tower or structure within the geographic area to be served. With the permit application, the applicant shall list the location of every tower, building or structure within such area that could support the proposed antenna. The applicant must demonstrate that a technically suitable location is not reasonably available on an existing tower, building or structure. If another communications tower is technically suitable, the applicant must show that it has offered to allow the owner to colocate an antenna on another tower within the village owned by the applicant on reciprocal terms and that the offer was not accepted, or the other tower is presumed to be reasonably available.
(Ord. 5-97, passed 7-14-1997)