SECTION 6.04  Department of Finance.
   There is hereby created within the Department of Finance-the non-elective office of Treasurer to be appointed by and to serve at the pleasure of Council.
   The duties of the treasurer of the Village of Minerva shall be to maintain records of moneys received and disbursed by said office to arrange the records of said office so that the amount received and the mount paid out on the accounts of each separate fund are shown in separate accounts, and the Treasurer shall maintain the same accounts as are kept by the Finance Director, shall be bonded and shall report directly to Council.
(Amended November 5, 1985)
SECTION 6.05  Powers and Duties of the Director of Finance.
   The director of Finance shall be thefiscal officer of the Municipality.  He shall keep the financial records of the Municipality, exhibiting accurate statements of all moneys received and expended, of all property owned by the Municipality, and of all taxes and assessments.  He shall advise the Administrator and the Council concerning the financial condition of the Municipality and shall examine all payrolls, bills and other claims against the Municipality and shall issue no warrants unless he finds that the claim is in proper form, correctly computed, duly approved and that an appropriation has been made therfor.  He shall collect all money due and payable to the Municipality and shall be the custodian of all public money of the Municipality and shall disburse the same as may be required by law or ordinance. 
   He shall render statements to and receive paymentsfrom the customers of the utilities operated by the Municipality and shall administer and collect all taxes levied by the Municipality, except those taxes where the laws of the State of Ohio require a County or State official to administer and collect the tax.  This section shall not be construed to prevent the Council from entering into or authorizing contracts with other Municipal corporations, the State of Ohio or its political subdivisions, or private persons, firms or corporations, for the rendering of statements to and receipt of payments from customers of utilities operated by the Municipality or for the administration and collection of taxes.  He shall examine and audit the accounts of all other officers, employees, departments, boards andcommissions, and shall assist the Administrator in the preparation and submission of appropriation measures, estimates, budgets and other financial matters.  He shall perform all other duties now or hereafter imposed on City Auditors and Treasurers under the law of the State of Ohio and shall perform such other duties, consistent with his office, as may be required by this Charter, by ordinance or resolution of Council, or as directed by the Administrator.
   The Director of Finance shall prepare annual financial and other reports required by law and shall make periodic reports concerning appropriations, encumbrances and expenditures of the departments, divisions, boards and  commissions as may be required by the Council or the Administrator.  He shall submit to the Council and Administrator, and make available to the public, a complete report of the finances of the Municipality as of the end of each fiscal year.