(a)   Any person convicted of a criminal offense other than a minor misdemeanor and who as a consequence thereof, is confined to the Municipal, County Jail, or any other facility, shall reimburse the Municipality for its expenses incurred by reason of his or her confinement, including but not limited to, the expenses relating to the provision of food, clothing, shelter, and medical care in an amount not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) per day unless said care is in a facility other than the Minerva Municipal Jail.  If the care is in a facility other than the Minerva Municipal Jail, the cost will then be determined by the amount agreed upon in the contract between the other Law Enforcement Agency and the Village.
(Ord. 8-96.  Passed 2-27-96.)
   (b)   The Law Director, upon written notification by the Administrator, is hereby authorized to institute any appropriate civil suit necessary for recovery of the expenses referred to in subsection (a) hereof, the amount of such reimbursement to be determined by the court pursuant to Ohio R.C. 2929.15.
   (c)   Any action brought pursuant to the authorization of subsection (b) hereof shall be commenced within one year after the person has been released from confinement and all amounts recovered pursuant to this section shall be paid into the General Fund of the Municipality.
(Ord. 36-85.  Passed 11-12-85.)