(a)   In order to facilitate the movement of traffic and to combat the hazards of excessive snow and ice on specified streets, or portions of streets within the Village of Minerva, it is hereby declared that an emergency due to such hazards exists whenever a snow accumulation of four inches or more exists on any such streets within the Village.  Such emergency shall continue until a termination announcement is made by the Village Administrator and the announcement of termination shall be furnished to the news media consisting of daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, radio, and television stations as soon as practicable.
   (b)   After such emergency has arisen, it shall be unlawful during the period of the emergency for any person to park or cause or permit to remain standing his motor vehicles on either side of the following streets or portions thereof upon which a snow accumulation of four inches or more exists with the Village.
Designated Snow Ban Streets:
Grant Boulevard
Plain Street from West to Grant
Liberty Street from West to Grant
Bonnieview Avenue
King Street
Market Street from E. Lincolnway to Line
Line Street
Main Street from E. Lincolnconway to Valley
Queen Street
East Street
Any other streets so designated by the Village Administrator in the event of a major/excessive sow accumulation constituting an emergency situation.
   (c)   Any motor vehicles found pared or standing on those streets or portions thereof, as designated herein, upon which an accumulation of snow of four or more inches exists during the time of such emergency may be removed upon the order of any appointed officer of the Village of Minerva Police Department and shall subject the owner or operator to the penalties provided herein.
   (d)   The police officer removing a vehicle under subsection (c) hereof shall provide for the removal of such vehicle to the nearest place of safety at cost to the owner.
   (e)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(Ord. 12-94.  Passed 4-26-94.)