In order to facilitate the proper usage of the East Lawn Cemetery the following policies shall apply:
   (a)   The East Lawn Cemetery Chapel must be reserved for use, as the use of the chapel is optional and not mandatory. It is available for public use for convenience of choice as such, tent and/or gravesite services shall remain permitted as an optional choice.
   (b)   Chapel reservations will be made on a first come first serve basis.
   (c)   Reservations for chapel utilization shall be made at the time and in conjunction with burial and funeral arrangements made with the respective funeral home. The funeral home handling the burial shall notify the Village as to whether reservations are being requested. At the time when requests for burial arrangements are made with the Village, individuals shall be reminded by Village staff as to the availability of the Chapel and asked as to whether one would desire to reserve the Chapel as an optional part of their burial services. Once a reservation is confirmed, appropriate Village personnel would be notified for said request to ensure the Chapel is opened for use.
   (d)   The maximum time for Chapel reservations shall be thirty minutes, unless special arrangement are made with the Village prior to use.   
   (e)   There shall be a one hour interval between Chapel bookings to allow ample time for Chapel preparation between services.
   (f)   Food and/or beverages shall not be permitted inside of the Chapel.
   (g)   No fees will be charged for use of the Chapel.
   (h)   It shall be the responsibility of the particular funeral service agency handling a respective funeral to ensure transport of caskets from the hearse to the Chapel and from the Chapel to the gravesite for burial following a Chapel service.
      (Ord. 47-96. Passed 11-26-96.)