The Golf Cart must be properly equipped and be in good working condition, capable of speeds not to exceed 20 mph and addition will have:
   4513.05      Two (2) rear working tail lights.
   4513.21(ORC)   Display two (2) license front and rear and the rear plate must have a light to illuminate from a distance of 50 feet.
   4513.24(ORC)   Windshield made of safety glass.
   4513.04(ORC)   Two (2) headlights.
   4513.21(ORC)   A horn.
   4513.23(ORC)   A rear view mirror.
   4513.261(ORC)   Directional signals.
            An orange bicycle flag mounted on the rear.
   4509.10(A)(1)      Must show proof of insurance on golf cart under speed vehicle.
            Seat belts for all occupants.
   4513.071      Must have at least two working break lights.
            (Ord. 23-09. Passed 9-8-09.)