Any person may upon request and payment in advance obtain reasonable advance notification of all meetings at which any specific type of public business is to be discussed. Notification to any such person may include but is not limited to the provision of the agenda of all meetings to all persons on a mailing list. Such person must file a written request on a form provided by the Clerk, which request must include the following information: the person's name, and the addresses and telephone numbers, but not more than two, at or through which the person can be reached during the Clerk's regular business hours; the specific type of public business the discussion of which the person is requesting advance notification; the public body that is the subject of such request; and the number of calendar months, not to exceed six, which the request covers. Such request may be cancelled by written request from such person to the Clerk. The Clerk shall collect in advance the sum of thirty dollars ($30.00) which sum is fixed by Council as a reasonable fee for advance notification for any six month period and which is nonrefundable. Notification may be provided by telephone or in writing, at the option of the Clerk; except, however, that the Clerk must take or attempt to make notification by telephone if notice is to be provided within forty-eight hours of the meeting.