The following regulations and the regulations contained in Chapter 1137 shall apply in R-1 Single Family Residence Districts:
   (a)   Permitted Uses.
      (1)   Single family dwellings.
      (2)   Churches and parish houses.
      (3)   Schools and colleges for academic instruction, customary residential and recreational facilities and fraternity and sorority houses, if located on the same unit of property upon which the school or college buildings are situated and provided that any stadium, gymnasium, ball park, auditorium, dormitory, fraternity house, sorority house or multiple living unit shall be at least 250 feet from any lot in any R District.
      (4)   Library.
      (5)   Museum.
      (6)   Park; (not including an amusement park operated for profit).
      (7)   Hospitals and sanitariums when authorized by the Board of Zoning Appeals subject to the provisions of Section 1161.09(b), but not including those for persons suffering from insanity, liquor or drug addicts, and persons suffering from diseases such as are commonly isolated in a separate building.
      (8)   Nursery schools and child care centers when authorized by the Board subject to the provisions of Section 1161.09(b), and provided that any building be located not less than twenty feet from any other lot in any R District, and that there is established and maintained in connection therewith a completely fenced and screened play lot.
   (b)   Accessory Uses.
      (1)   Summer houses and other customarily incidental structures.
      (2)   Temporary buildings for uses incidental to construction work, which buildings shall be removed upon the completion or abandonment of construction work.
      (3)   One bulletin board or sign not exceeding twelve square feet in area for any permitted church, school or other public or semi-public institution.
      (4)   The office or studio of a physician or surgeon, dentist, artist, lawyer, architect, engineer, teacher or other member of a recognized profession, in his place of abode, but not including a beauty parlor, barber shop or similar activity, provided that not more than one-half of the area of one floor shall be used for such purpose.  An indirectly lighted sign, not over one square foot in area and attached flat against the building, shall be permitted.
      (5)   Customary home occupations, such as handicraft, dressmaking, millinery, laundering, preserving and home cooking, provided that such occupations are conducted solely by resident occupants in their place of abode and that not more than one-quarter of the area of one floor shall be used for such purpose.  Such occupation shall not require external or internal alterations, or the use of mechanical equipment not customary in dwellings.  An indirectly lighted sign of not more than one square foot in area and attached flat against the building shall be permitted.
      (6)   The keeping of not more than two roomers or boarders by a resident family.
         (Ord. 11-71.  Passed 5-25-71.)