Upon completion of all possible connections to the extension, but in any event at the end of a ten-year period from the date of acceptance, all claims of the applicant for reimbursement under Section 928.07 shall cease.  If at any time during the ten-year period the original applicant or his or her successors cannot be located for purposes of reimbursement under Section 928.07, the applicant will be deemed to have forfeited his or her claims to any further reimbursements.  In such cases, the contribution of the intervening owner shall be placed in the Water or Sewer Fund for use as the Village Council may designate.
   Upon the written request of the applicant, the Village Council may extend the term of the agreement if it determines that the circumstances at the end of the original period warrant the extension. 
(Ord. 19-91.  Passed 7-8-91.)