(a)   The Village may, at its option, install the water or sewer line extension or ask that the applicant or developer install the extension.  The Village Council shall make the determination after due consideration of the right of way involved, the type of development and the availability of Village funds.
   (b)   When the Village installs the water or sewer line extension, the applicant shall be required to deposit a sum equal to the amount estimated for his or her share of the installation.  Additionally, such deposit shall be made at the time a contract is ratified.  If actual construction starts longer than sixty days after ratification, any interest generated from such deposit after the sixty days shall be credited to the applicant.
   (c)   If the lines are installed by the applicant, then upon completion of such lines, the applicant shall dedicate such extension to the Village.
   (d)   All water and sewer lines shall be installed pursuant to the Village’s standards and specifications. 
(Ord. 19-91.  Passed 7-8-91.)