(a)   Each extension shall be constructed with sufficient capacity to serve the complete development of the applicant’s property and the applicant shall bear the entire cost thereof.  The Village Council shall make the final determination of all line sizes based on the advice of the Village Administrator.
   (b)   If the Village Council requests that the extension be constructed with capacity greater than that required to serve the applicant, the Municipality shall pay the difference between the line which is authorized and the line which the applicant requires.
   (c)   The Village Council and the applicant shall agree in writing, prior to construction, on the portion of the costs to be paid by each party.  This agreement shall be based on records, prices, estimates, bids and other information available at the time prior to construction.
   (d)   The costs for an extension shall include, but not be limited to the costs for labor, material, engineering, inspection and financing. 
(Ord. 19-91.  Passed 7-8-91.)