SECTION 7.11 Park, Recreation and Cemetery Board - Powers and Duties.
   The Park, Recreation and Cemetery board shall make such recommendations and reports to the Administrator, Council Planning Commission and other officers, departments, divisions and board and commissions as it deems advisable regarding the acquisition, development, maintenance, repair, and operation of parks, playgrounds, recreational, cemetery, facilities and programs of the Municipality. The Board may cooperate with organized groups concerned with recreation programs and may stimulate citizen interest in the care and preservation of parks and historical and scenic sites. The Board may act as trustee for any property, asset, or funds donated to the Municipality for park, recreational or cemetery purposes, provided the donor designates or provides for the designation of the Board as such trustee. In such an event the Board shall have all those powers and duties necessary to carry out the purposes of the trust. The Board may recommend the amount of any fees or charges for the use of park, recreational and cemetery facilities, however the Council shall fix all such fees or charges. Subject to the provisions of ordinances passed by the Council, the Board shall exercise supervision and control over the planting and care of trees, plants and shrubs in the parks or parkways, recreation grounds, streets, boulevards, sidewalks and cemeteries for the beautification of the Municipality. The Board shall exercise such additional powers and duties as provided by Council by ordinance. In the exercise of its powers and duties the Board shall request of the Administrator such manpower, work, supplies and equipment as it deems necessary, and the Administrator, subject to the provisions of this Charter concerning purchasing and personnel, shall provide such manpower, work, supplies and equipment as has been authorized by the Council through appropriation to such Board, and to the extent that such manpower, supplies and equipment shall be available for such purposes, considering the overall needs of the Municipality.